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What skills are most in demand among MARKETING employees?

The mix of skills that marketers need to effectively perform their jobs changes constantly as a result of innovations and market challenges. Marketers need to continuously expand their expertise in a variety of areas to meet the demands and complexity of work assignments and requirements. To remain attractive in the eyes of future employers, they need to be skilled in digital marketing and know how to work with individual digital channels. Another sought-after skill is expertise and experience with project management. A good marketer should know the sales patterns, have a sense for business and have excellent communication prerequisites. Good marketers should also continue to expand their skills, especially in the field of the psychology of human decision-making and behavioural economics.

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Paylab Diversity Study: in which workplaces do employees have diverse working teams?

12 September 2019

The international Paylab Diversity Study shows that four in ten employees in Europe do not experience diversity at their current workplace. This diversity involves the composition of employees at the workplace from a variety of aspects. Paylab focused on 6 key areas: age, maternity, origin, ethnicity or nationality, physical disability and sexual identity/orientation. These aspects often represent a barrier to employment. The goal of the study was to determine the extent to which employees in work teams come into contact with foreigners, members of minority and ethnic groups, persons with physical disabilities, mothers of small children, employees over the age of 55 and persons with a different sexual orientation/identity.

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